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Key values:

At Servoneer we promise to satisfy you in everything we do; at Servoneer, we aim to serve.

To do this, we measure how good our service is in each individual case by the application of five simple criteria that we can achieve, and you will appreciate. These are our values to live by?and to do business by:


We anticipate what, where, when and how you need something we offer. By listening to, and perceiving the needs of our clients, Servoneer has always ensured that we understand how you think and how you work. Our people have many years experience doing this. They are industry professionals who will always work with you and your business aims.


Imagination costs nothing, yet it is sometimes hard to find when you need it most. At Servoneer we pride ourselves in thinking differently. While we pride ourselves in the beauty of simplicity in solving problems that seem insolvable, our team has the ability to see above and beyond the current problem, by anticipating areas you may not have considered. Imagination won?t cost you, but the lack of it might!


'New!'; 'Brand new!'; 'The latest!' ?you hear these words repeated like a mantra, but innovation is more than making sure you have access to the best in new technology and methods; innovation is about making things work in better, more useful ways. We ensure that when you work with Servoneer, innovation is more than just what is new.


Thousand-page reports; tortuous meetings; hours of empty sales-talk?precisely what you do not want. At Servoneer we pledge brevity, simplicity and clarity at all stages of any job we do. We say what we mean; we say it effectively; we say it simply. We do not waste your valuable time.


'Quality' is a word you hear everywhere; a state that all companies have mastered?so you are led to believe. As you know, this is often far from the truth. At Servoneer, quality means precision: precision in the materials; precision in the service; precision in the process, and precision as a result. At Servoneer, quality is a result, not empty words.