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Servoneer Power and Water works in all areas of the energy industry - including renewable resources such as solar, wind, biomass, bio-gas, geothermal, bio-fuels and alternative fuels, fossil fuels and their related products (oil, coal and natural gas) and provides best solutions for world?s most complex challenges related to water availability and quality.

Servoneer Power and Water delivers advanced instrumentation, control, and automation technologies available from world-class technologies provider with comprehensive project management, field service and technical support and solutions.

Our technology leadership is based on our ongoing ability to deliver best-in-class solutions that provide specialist, tailored support for our customers at every stage of the Power and Water industries.

Our strength lies in the strong backbone we created for ourselves by innovation, technological expertise and utilizing it to deliver world class services to our customers. Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and we channelize our resources towards integration and customization of various technologies and providing our customers with flexible solutions and thus value for their investment.

Products and services:

Servoneer Power and Water provides full service contract from concept and Design to Transmission and Distribution.

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